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AcroDance is a fun combination of beginner acrobatics and dance ideal for preschool aged children. AcroDance classes focus on improving co-ordination, motor skills, balance and confidence. The classes are taught in a relaxed yet structured environment engaging the students through imagination. Students go from being a bear to tight rope walker and so much more! 
Everybody Dance Now 
Everybody Dance Now is our very own unique and specialised dance class that combines ballet, tap and jazz for children 3-6yrs old. Your child will be taken on a journey using their imagination, while building their motor skills, coordination and confidence while being introduced to the wonderful world of dance. 



Ballet teaches poise, grace and discipline. We offer both recreational and exam classes. Leap Performing Arts encourages all students to do ballet as ballet trains the body carefully, developing strength, control, coordination and lines.



Jazz is a high-energy class that will keep students moving. Our beginner through advanced jazz classes strive to provide our students with the best possible technical skills in order to have our students develop as well rounded jazz dancers. Each class is structured with a center warm up,across the floor progressions consisting of kicks, jumps and turns. Students will also learn a variety of fun dance sequences. All jazz students are given the opportunity to participate in exams also.



Tap see students develop rhythm, coordination and an exploration of tones while learning tap technique. Student's learn about musical timing and how to combine their feet, arms and body to the beat the music. Classes include center work, barre work, across the floor and dance sequences. Exams are also offered to all tap students.



A combination of ballet, modern and jazz dance. Students will learn and develop grace, fluidity of movement and expression of emotion through dance in this class.


Hip Hop

Students will learn fun and funky moves to a mixture of new and old hip hop music. Classes begin with a warm up, a mixture of across the floor progressions and various dance sequences. It's a high energy class, giving students the freedom of exploring freestyle movement encouraging self confidence.



At Leap Performing Arts our acrobatics classes are designed to incorporate strength, flexibility and balancing skills as students learn the correct technique to master somersaults, cartwheels, floor work, partner balancing work and other tricks safely.



Contemporary dance encourages natural, spontaneous movement and personal interpretation. It focuses on self-expression, awareness of space and body movement. Contemporary dance also allows students to build their strength and technical ability while also developing their personal movement style.


Musical Theatre

Our musical theatre classes provide students with a supportive platform to explore their acting skills and vocal skills if they wish. Students role play, learn about improvisation, and learn routines to popular musicals.


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